Utah Capabilities Assessment Network is a technology platform that connects Utah manufacturers to shorten and reduce supply chain costs.


  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Increase manufacturing revenues
  • Increase the number of good jobs for all Utahns

Utah CAN identifies in-state manufacturers, certifications and capacity. Not just a single SIC or NAICS code, but all the capabilities each company has to offer. This allows each manufacturer to search for in-state manufacturers who are looking for parts, components, processes, and sub-assemblies including specific processes, capacities, products, certifications, equipment, and key contacts. The Utah CAN platform has the ability to fully search this information by any of these data elements, key words, industry segments or regions. Utah CAN provides the ability to upload bids, communicate with other manufacturers as well as manage and track the bid process. Who can build a better, smarter way to connect manufacturers? UTAH CAN!

Success Stories

A large manufacturer was complaining about the lack of a local supplier for defense related antenna arrays. Utah Can connected them to a local structural steel company and a $70M contract was the result.

Another large defense contractor talked about their difficulty finding a local cable company. Utah CAN identified a local manufacturer that could supply their needs and that had the necessary AS 9001 and NADCAP certifications. A substantial contract was the result.